About Me

photo of jane

I was a Baker and Pastry chef for many years before transforming my career into UX Design. I feel that UX Design and pastries are no different, you are creating an experience that involves research and development. Finally, when you are done creating the product, the goal is to have an impact and memorable experience.

I studied Psychology at SUNY New Paltz, where I developed a passion for helping people. I have pursued many fields after college from film to baking to my recent education at the New York Code + Design Academy. It was at NYCDA where I designed my first app that I thought about carefully how might a user approach and engage with the product.

I started to think about what technologies and products that I use frequently - what is it about them that I incorporate them into my life style? From there, I have developed a new passion for helping people and empowering them with thoughtout research and well designed products and experiences. I have learned over the years that they are the experts of their own lives and experiences and I find that fascinating.

During my free time, I enjoy going to my favorite eateries (preferibly doughnuts), while listening to my favorite podcasts (currently listening to The Dropout).

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