About Project

A photo sharing web app that allows users to upload, display, comment and like photos. This was a collaborative project that me and my teammates created at New York Code + Design Academy.


July 2017 (3 weeks)


Jane Park, Dave Noriega, Justin Loffredo

My Role

UX Designer
  • Comparative Analysis
  • User Flow
  • User Testing
  • Front-End Developer


    Comparative Analysis

    To get started with this project, we observed other photo sharing sites such as Photobucket, Flickr, and Instagram.
    Images of Photobucket's Interface

    Images of Flickr's Interface
    Image of Instagram's Interface
    We took certain elements that were useful to develop our photo app. Such as adding a menu bar to display the functional elements such as Photo Gallery, Upload, and Sign Out.

    User Flow

    After observing other resources, I started mapping out the layout of each screen. It helped me regulate the layout of the app. My goal was to create a simple and easy navigation for users to upload and browse photos.

    Visual Design and Development

    Observing some of the interfaces on the other photo apps, I've implemented a CSS Boilerplate, Skeleton. I created a simple landing page with the contents of photos in the background. Once the user signs for a new account or log's in, they are able to access the gallery page shared by other users. The menu bar provides the user's navigation through the app to have them go to the photo gallery, upload photos and sign out of the page.

    User Testing

    A few user testings (that were conducted) liked the simple and clean layout of the app. The user tasks that were conducted (uploading photos, viewing photos, delete photos, like photos, comment on photos) were easy to navigate.

    Take Aways and Improvements

    For an MVP, I feel that me and my team accomplished our goal to create a photo sharing app that features upload, comment photos, like photos, and delete photos. For an improvement, I would like to fine tune the layout and design, as of right now, the website is not entirely responsive and would like to try to clean it up so it can be viewed on mobile or tablets. I would like to eventually, update from using Skeleton to Bootstrap to implement the responsive design.